Blog Post 2 Future Cultures

This is only a rough draft of the arguments and research

Definition – A video Blog: a record of your thought, opinions or experiences that you film and publish on the Internet. (Cambridge dictionary,


History Of Vlogs –


Types of Vlogging – There are many types of Vlogs and ways of Vlogging the 10 most popular categories of Vlogging

  1. Review and Unboxing
  2. Pranks and Comedy
  3. Beauty & Fashion
  4. How to
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Gamer
  7. Movie/ Books/ TV reviews
  8. Travel
  9. Pop culture
  10. Discursive


( –


Research into these Types – Review, How to, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty & Fashion


Relevant examples – Reviews: ijustine, Marques Brownlee

How to: Phlearn, Jessica Kobeissi

Lifestyle: Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat,

Travel: Jay Alvaraz, Sam Kolder



Issues as to the Negative look towards Vlogs and Vlogging – Peoples general knowledge of Vlogs can be very misleading, through the research of peoples opinions of Vlogs and their interpretations of Vlogs has be marginalised to one main genre of Travel Vlogging. Seen in Adelaide Haynes discursive piece on travel Vlogging passion or Poison there are some disagreements I have with the negative views of Vlogs exhibiting them as unrealistic presentations, a misrepresentation of what the world looks like “Quote” (Haynes, A, 2017) Isn’t the Purpose of Vlogs to project your thoughts, opinions and views to digress your ideas, your interpretations, YOUR knowledge. So why do people push for this need to express that Travel Vlogging is a fake representation of the world aren’t they just doing what a Vlog is intented for in the first place, expressing their ideas, perceptions, interpretations and experiences instead of using their words to captivate and installing the ideas, the images they’re using their images to captivate and express their interpretations through visual prowess. How can we believe the actions and events written in a Book or published through a Blog and digress them as factual and real but are easily able to forsake the actual images we see and brand them as fake depictions of the world.


How communities work –


YouTube is a community, an online constant discussion for people around the world to learn, inform and Vent. Sharing their experiences, their perceptions, their faults, their mistakes to learn from one another, which in turn leads to a collaborative online community we see.




Research and Approach for DA – This idea of YouTube being a community of Vloggers and discursive people who vent express and learn from one another is something I would like to become apart of. Therefore, as I expressed in the last Blog Post about my digital Artifact, I am going to create a Vlog. I would like the Vlog to push my online presents into this public community of Vloggers and share my knowledge of film making with the people. I shall create a how to style Vlog that incorporates the introduction of myself to the community and show my lifestyle as a film?


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